In Grupo Gama one of our main objectives is to offer an integral service, for that, we have developed a specific area of Premium Finishes, which allows the process to be performed in house, controlling the quality levels and offering a great versatility in the service.

Now a days we count with a wide variety of in and out line finish processes, which make the difference between a common print and another one with the impact needed to distinguish brands or products.


  • 1. Pinpoint UV varnishes.

  • 2. Cold and Hot Foil Stamping.

  • 3. Matte and brilliant laminate.

  • 4. Texture varnishes.

  • 5. Hard Cover.

  • 6. Spliced and enhacement.

  • 7. Hot and Pure Melt glued.

  • 8. Die cutting.

  • 9. Fullfillment


• Automatic stapler with 6 stations.
• Flat (Brausse) and cylindrical (Heidelberg) die cutter machines.
• UV, plasta and registration coating machine.
• Machines for plastic laminating.
• Piston die cutter.
• BRAUSSE gluing machine for boxes (Pur Melt system), MK and PETRATTO for special gluings (folders, flaps, CD holder, etc.).
• Labeller for olfactory strip (Tester).
• PANTERA gluing machine for elk and paste; Hot Melt and Pur Melt.
• Hard cover liner QFM-460B (Maximum cover size 460x830 mm).


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C.P.08650, Ciudad de México, Tel. 1251 3333

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